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NNYC 2019


Dream City Church Glendale (21000 N 75th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308)

REGISTRATION- $80 per participant


Naf Youth Directors


Pastor Jackie and Lenora Holgate

Pastor Jackie and Lenora have been in full-time ministry for over 23 years. They have served 2 other churches as Associate Pastors and Youth Pastors before assuming leadership at Mountaintop Church in 2007. They have a tremendous vision to see Christ made famous everywhere they go. Recently, in 2017, Jackie and Lenora assumed leadership as the National Native American Youth Director for the Assemblies of God. Jackie has a desire to see native students being raised up in their God-given calling and gifting to serve their communities. He longs to see the gospel message preached in every native home in North America.

They both enjoy spending time with one another; connecting with people, and always speaking “life“ into others. They reside in Flagstaff, AZ. Matthew (18) and Caleb (13) are the most important people in their lives as they share one roof with them.

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About us


NAF Youth Ministries exists to serve students in the Native American community. We desire to help students discover who they are in their God given call, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit by birth and baptism, and teach them to be responsible in their role of the Great Commission. The heart of this network is to see a generation rise up and be counted for Christ! A generation that feels largely neglected and overlooked by the Church will discover their destiny and live out the call of God in their lives with passion!





Worship is the very essence of our being. When a student discovers why he/she is put on this earth a life-giving purpose ignites in their heart to lead a worship lifestyle.

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Edification begins with the discovery and continues daily with the power of the Holy Spirit bringing forth revelation of God’s holy Word. God’s Word convicts a person of his/her sins and compels one to come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.

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Evangelism is a mandate given to every believer in Jesus Christ to take the Good News to the ends of the earth. From our backyard to the outermost parts of the world this Gospel must be preached and taught as Christ instructed His disciples.

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